Grow Taller in 30 Days

If you are looking to add extra inches to your height, regardless of your age, I implore you to follow me on my live journey to grow taller using height gain exercises and homemade HGH drinks that promote growth. This journey of mine is happening right now, and will continue until the end of .

"I refuse to believe that once you reach the age of 18-21, you STOP   growing, and from that point it's impossible to grow any taller without surgery. I want to be living proof that that's a bunch of bull*%*
and that you can literally beat genetics and add extra inches to your height, no matter your age.."


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Name: Lawrence
Age: 22
Starting height (September 3):  69.4 inches (5.78 feet)
Current height (October 4):  72 inches (6 feet)

Why am I doing this?

1) To give people hope, especially those who aspire to be taller for whatever reason, whether it be for added confidence, for sport, or any other reason. And the people who feel they have lost any chance of ever growing taller because of their age. I want these people to know that it can be done. You just have to be willing to put the effort in.

2) Of course I also wanted to this for myself. I am a part of the college basketball team and height will definitely benefit me in that regard. It will make a considerable difference for me to be over 6 foot, which is what I'm aiming to achieve through this journey. I am also into pickup (look up "Simple Pickup" on YouTube to see what I mean). I like to pickup girls in my free time and I'm an active member of the Simple Pickup forum and RSDNation. I feel a bit of added height will give me an edge over other guys. If you're also into pickup, definitely hit me up on my email below.


First month: September 3 – October 3
Growth:  2.6 inches
– Height gain exercises 5 days a week, resting on weekends
– Drank HGH homemade cocktail drink every 2 nights (as a college student I can't afford to drink it every night)

 Check back for updates. Email me on for updates or if you have any questions at all.

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